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Sales cloud

We specialize in implementing and customizing Sales Cloud to meet the unique needs of your business. With Sales Cloud, you can streamline your sales processes, increase productivity, and drive revenue growth like never before.

Sales cloud

We specialize in implementing and customizing Sales Cloud to meet the unique needs of your business. With Sales Cloud, you can streamline your sales processes, increase productivity, and drive revenue growth like never before.

Account & Contact Management

Sales Cloud provides a 360-degree view of your customers by consolidating all customer data in one place. It Allows businesses to manage customer accounts in a structured way. You can easily track account details such as company information, contacts etc.

 Contact management enables you to access critical customer data, including key contacts, customers’ social content and communication history. With that, you’ll gain valuable insights about your customers that will help you engage with them more effectively and ultimately close more sales.

 its social collaboration tools enable your teams to work together seamlessly, sharing insights, documents, and other important data. This ensures that everyone has access to the most up-to-date information, so your entire organization can work together towards your goals.

 Because sales never stop, Salesforce’s mobile first approach and solutions enable you to access all the account and contact data you need, no matter where you are. With deep insights and valuable information at your fingertips, you’ll be fully prepared for every customer meeting, no matter where it takes place.

Opportunity Management

Transform your sales process with Salesforce’s opportunity management solution, which offers you the ability to stay connected with the people and information you need to close every sale, from anywhere.

 You can view a rich activity timeline of your customer’s activity, including information about competitors, deal stages, and necessary next steps to win. Track all associated activities as they happen, and receive updates when action is needed.

 Create up-to-the-minute quotes quickly and easily with built-in quoting capabilities. Set up revenue and quantity schedules to match payment and delivery terms. Automatically populate a quote with relevant customer data, and email it to customers directly from Salesforce in just a few clicks.

 Stay informed and provide guidance to your team with real-time updates on deals using the Salesforce mobile app. You can update your deal status, pull in teammates for help, all from your mobile device, making it easier to keep everyone in the loop, even when you’re on the go.

Lead Management

Elevate your lead management process from start to finish with Salesforce. It enables you to accurately gauge the effectiveness of your marketing strategies on your sales pipeline across multiple channels, including social media. By implementing automatic lead scoring, you can maximize your chances of converting leads into opportunities, and ultimately, customers.

 Gain a comprehensive view of your leads and their interactions with your brand in real-time. You can easily identify where a lead originated from and leverage valuable insights to craft personalized follow-up emails directly within the CRM platform. Never let a hot lead slip through the cracks by automating your lead scoring and routing system.

Forecasting & Pipeline management

Sales forecasting tool helps to gain real-time visibility of your team’s pipeline and deliver precise sales forecasts using data insights and predictive AI. It keeps your entire pipeline and business in view, without leaving your CRM. Get real-time visibility into your revenue forecasts and make quick adjustments on the fly. Use data insights and predictive AI to clarify business decisions that drive revenue.

 Manage your pipeline with accuracy on a single pane of glass. Turn 1-on-1 status updates into coaching sessions with real-time changes in customer data. Guide reps on which deals to focus on first with the help of AI.

Sales Automation

With Salesforce process automation software, you can effortlessly design, run, and manage any business process. From discounts to business request approvals, you can create custom workflows that can be easily automated, delivering repeatable success to your deal cycle e.g. workflow that guide sales reps through qualification conversations and recommend next steps on a deal

 You can create automatic email alerts or auto-assign tasks as a deal moves through different stages of the sales pipeline, ensuring that the entire sales team is on the same page.

 The automatic approvals feature lets you automate approval processes for any business requests, including deal discount approvals, travel, and expense reports. You can address requests that require manual approval rules directly in Chatter or via email, optimizing the sales cycle for maximum efficiency. 

Activity Management

With Salesforce integration to Outlook or Gmail, you can close deals without ever leaving your inbox. Gain valuable insights into your customer interactions with instant email capture into Salesforce. Every email and event matters. Keep your email, contacts, and calendars in sync with Salesforce data across all your devices. Stay on top of your game and make every correspondence count.

 With AI features in Salesforce Inbox, you can supercharge your sales productivity and sell smarter. Stay on top of your deals and move them forward faster with AI-driven insights and email tracking. Bring your favourite business processes into your email app with Salesforce integration. Customize your layout in just a few clicks and allow reps to quickly surface, create, or update CRM information where they spend most of their time.

 Don’t waste time on manual data entry. Automatically capture and organize essential emails and event data, so you can focus on what matters most – selling.

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